Constance, Amelia and Tsubaki

The post is about visual novel
冬のポラリス(Fuyu no Polaris) and
contains spoilers

stage-nana released Fuyu no Polaris on 2017 after 2014’s Ame no Marginal.

The first one is on the end of world where everyone caught covid-19 and died one by one all human disappeared suddenly, unreasonably, with no priority, except the protagonist.(Later he learned himself as a Fushisha (Immortal) ).

Fuyu no Polaris

The protagonist wandered across humanless Japan and recalled a nostalgic feeling when seeing a rough handwritten message in red color on deserted cement wall.
Therefore he met another Fushisha he doesn’t know, a mysterious girl seemd is waiting for the protagonist.

As she said, the girl’s name is Tsubaki, meaning camellia in English.

Ame no Marginal

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Removing SoftDenchi DRM


My first time purchasing games on (or FANZA), having experienced the confusing download page(it told me to use Browser’s Save Link As because Chrome doesn’t support dmm downloader) , I extracted game files from 3 separately downloaded rar part.

(No Photo)

There’s one README.txt(filename is in Japanese) and one game folder in extracted folder.

(No Photo)

Fine, the main program must be xxx.exe

A dialog textbox throwed, as I opened tha main program, I can read Chinese character (or Kanji) , knowing it’s something my PC lack to run the game. And installed SoftDenchi with clicking OK at all.

I submitted my user ID and password in first launch.

The problem is, I need to use textractor to read scripts from the game, and translate it to English in read time.
However, there were three independent process for one game.

  • koikake.exe
  • koikake.bin
  • koikake.exe

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Your State is Not Mine


A Closer Look at Evading Stateful Internet Censorship

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[//]: #(Author : Yogaskung)

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本文会介绍 的鉴权过程

如果浏览器中并没有存储 域的任何 cookie,对此 URL 的访问会收到 302 ,并转到{BASE64_ENCODED_1}

在本例中,此 URL 为

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Stop using "翻墙" or "Great Firewall" and learn about Internet censorship in China

China’s Internet censorship is a far cry from “building a great wall to prevent exchanges” from technical means. The use of “翻墙” will give people misunderstandings, and in fact legalized the silent “illegal intrusion of computer information systems” by the Chinese government.

Let us look at how the “blocking of specific websites” works in China’s Internet censorship.

DNS pollution

The 1st and 2nd fake DNS packet arrived earlier. Photo by Nick Cao

In this process, the distributed malicious nodes launch attacks on Internet users/DNS servers to answer their DNS queries.


During this process, malicious nodes interfere with the TCP connection with a specific network address.

Routing black hole

In this process, the administrator of the audit system interferes with the order of the Internet and establishes a black hole router/AS. [1]And through the border routing protocol to direct network traffic to these black holes.

Deep Packet Inspection

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