不要核酸要吃饭 不要封控要自由 不要谎言要尊严

不要文革要改革 不要领袖要选票 不做奴才做公民


The purpose of the above content is to disgust the Communist Party and “subvert the state power.” The IP address of this website is in mainland China, and not only does it not do ICP filing, but it also hypes up anti-China content.

Welcome to yogaskung’s homepage.

You can listen to Bible online at yogasku.ng.
JSProxy and r are reverse proxy server running on Cloudflare Worker, their source code can be obtained here.
I watch Japanese hentai manga on E-Hentai.org, you can view all my favorites at ex.yogasku.ng, alternatively, view eh.yogasku.ng if you’re under 18.

Below are some git repository I actively commit on.

A mirror of programthink/zhao is set up here: https://gitlab.com/ygsk10/zhao.

I am available via Email at [email protected].